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Leadership & Professional Development Services

Our world is changing and shifting.

We have to do business differently.

We have to work differently.

We have generational differences.

Leadership Impact understands and is dedicated to helping managers learn to effectively lead our younger generations;

and helping our up and coming managers develop into strong leaders who lead from the inside out.

We also work with individuals to help them find their way to a career that aligns with their goals and passion.

Why Leadership Impact?

Leadership Impact focuses on equipping new and experienced managers with the skills they need to lead well.

We help leaders identify their areas of opportunity and work toward improvement.

We support organizations and individuals with overall professional skills training.

Trying to figure out your next move? Need a change? Want to strengthen your professional skills?

How We Can Help?

  • Need to convert classroom training to a virtual/remote platform?

  • Would like a coach to help your training team adjust to the virtual training environment?

  • Do you want to become a better leader?

  • Want to be a better communicator?

  • Considering making a career change?


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Leadership Development Workshops

Learn How to Lead and Inspire

Are you a manager, a leader, both? Well, statistics show that most people leave their jobs because they are unhappy with their manager.


Managing and leading are NOT the same. In order to be a good manager you need to be a strong leader but a strong leader may or may not be a manager. Leadership emerges in all organization levels and roles.


Leaders operate off of the premise that they are not in their role to simply order people around and produce numbers. They understand the need to coach and develop the people who report to them. They also understand that when their employees feel valued and supported, they perform better. Our workshops offer fun, interactive, practical methods to learn how to be that type of leader.

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Relationship Building

Coaching Sessions

Strengthen Communication Skills

Life throws us curve balls daily. Are you ready to respond on the fly?

It's true that we often cannot control what's going on around us but we can  control how we respond to any situation.

Our coaching sessions will help you identify your 'triggers' so that you can learn to control them regardless of what is happening and engage in productive, relationship nurturing conversations.

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Career Coaching Sessions

Changing Directions with Transferable Skills

Our career coaching service offers clients one-on-one guidance in identifying their professional goals and developing an action plan to achieve those goals. This step-by-step plan includes accountability coaching. This service is customized based on the needs of the client.

eLearning / Virtual Training

Expand Your Reach/Stretch Your Budget

Our eLearning design and development services will help you reach more employees efficiently.

Need help making the conversion to virtual training? We can help!


"Great leaders lead from the inside out. Jesus focused on personal leadership first--matters of character. At the core of these matters of character is integrity. Without integrity, no one will follow you, and if no one is following you, you are not leading.

Leadership is truly an inside job. Your leadership skills will only take you as far as your character will allow. Jesus had a pure heart and unfailing character. The more you work on your heart and your character, the more others will want to follow you."

Lee Colan

Inc. Magazine article

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