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                    Sonya Joseph



After honorably serving in the U. S. Marine Corps, I've held many roles in the organizational training and development field.  During my career, I've performed in the roles of director of training, training manager, corporate trainer, regional sales trainer, lead instructional designer, public speaker, training consultant, as well as, leadership and professional development coach.

One of the things that absolutely breaks my heart is to witness poor leadership destroying a culture. Just because someone can do their job well, does not make them a good leader. It requires a skill set that is sometimes natural, but, if it does not come

naturally a willing learner can be taught.

At one point it became glaringly obvious that much of my  time and effort was going into mending broken business relationships and helping managers become better leaders.


Bad leaders ruin organizations, are toxic to environments and hurt people. I am on a personal mission to help people who have a  strong desire and willingness to be GOOD, or even GREAT, servant leaders. 


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Leadership Impact is minority woman, veteran owned and operated.


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